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life is a request concert (maybe this is a german saying)

You can't find anything you like in our shop of find things a bit expensive? Send us a message and tell us what exactly (style, color, size, print, price) you're looking for! Most of the time we're able to get something exactly along the line of what you're thinking of ;) With this option we want to show, that one can find almost everything we want secondhand. Sometimes it just requires some luck and patience.
Since we're both living far away from our workshop, it may take some time until we are able to fulfill your wish. Most of the time we manage quite fast though, so just ask :)

Make a reservation

If you live close to F├╝rstenfeldbruck and want to try on your rioots piece before purchasing it, or if you simply want to save the shipping costs you are welcome to stop by our storage. Just send us a message and we'll figure something out :)

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