rioots is not only two, but a whole Bunch of people.

Here you'll find out who inspired our prints and with whom we (sometimes more, sometimes less) actively work together.
We've linked their playlists, websites, and instagrams so you can check out for yourself what they are all up to :)

Besser samstag & Joeii

Besser-Samstag is our favorite hiphop/rap/jazz/beats label from Wiesbaden City with whose wonderful people we have been fusing good music and good clothes in form of secondhand merch for quite some time now. This includes one of our latest projects: together with joeii we experimented with lino printing for the first time and brought out 21 individual pieces for for his new album "Allein". Find out what's left of this project as well as a super nice selection of records in the Besser-Samstag Onlineshop.

Also listen to the Besser-Samstag & Friends playlist and joeii's album "Allein".


What started with a bit of surfing together in the summer of 2018 is now a beautiful friendship that has led to one of our favorite rioots prints called "Lil Wave". Among many other artistic pursuits, Lily writes wonderful and wondrous poems.

claudia longo

Claudia and rioots share a great friend whose podcast on political and scientific topics you can find here. Claudia's art is thoughtful, a bit gloomy but not hopeless. And in this sense, the one-eyed mars giraffe we print on our shirts is a testimony to "dreams and other dimensions" (that's the title of Claudia's artwork where the giraffe lives with its other giraffe friends.)


Thomas is an old rioots rabbit, the first father of the little rioots baby. During a time of learning skateboarding and screen printing together, he came around the corner with our very first print: the Dreadhead. This print still reminds us of how the idea for rioots emerged on a snowboard trip in Allgäu, many, many years ago, probably 2017. Something like: "Huh, let's just open a secondhand skate and snowboard clothing brand or something like that...".


For five years, Helene and Elle have been companeras on their way to understanding the world, or maybe not, to finding solutions, or maybe not, and to handing in university stuff on time, or maybe not. But we are still allowed to dream, right? So what remains after 5 years of university? Clearly, a utopian rioots store on our shirts. And part of the utopia is, of course, that the sweatshop across the street has long since closed down.

roots caravan

The musical fusion "from Kilimanjaro to the Watzmann - from the lively marketplaces of East Africa to the cobbled Nuremberg main market - from the shores of Lake Malawi to the wild Isar of the foothills of the Alps - from the savannah to the urban jungle", that is roots Caravan. And together with us, you could add to this fusion the sweet smell of flea market boxes and clothing swaps. Check out the result here, listen to it here, and experience it here: at roots events.

Ashley Lamm

Our first collabo! Flowerheart was our first "advanced" print because it had so many tiny details. Today, Ashley's art is even more full of details and inspired by mystical beings, hippos, cats, and feminist critique.

Ideas for an new collabo?

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