Frequently answered questions

  1. How should I wash my rioots stuff?

    Throw it in the washing machine at 30° C, preferably inside out. It's best to air-dry our clothing rather than putting it in the dryer. Tiedyed things are best washed with dark laundry, as they could leave stains on light colored clothes.

  2. Why does my order take so long?

    Because we are sometimes a bit chaotic, because logistics are sometimes difficult due to our living situations, or because your postman has dropped the parcel off at your neighbour's.

  3. What happens with profits?

    Everything we earn flows back into the project: compensation for us and our supporters, fees for festivals, material, some other fees, our collabo partners and other initiatives that we want to support.

  4. The print on my shirt is washing off or seams are opening. Do I need to throw it away?

    Are you serious? Of course not! Message us and we will figure something out together:)

  5. Where do you guys get all the clothes from?

    From flea markets and second-hand shops. So a lot of it is actually handpicked. Sometimes we also get clothing donations, which we are always very happy about :)

  6. Can you make use of my old clothes?

    Yes please!! Unfortunately we can only process basic clothing with no prints on them, preferably one-coloured (stripes are also possible). We take pieces that we can not use to second-hand shops, clothing swaps, or free-shops.

  7. I'm not happy with my rioots shirt, what should I do?

    Tell us what bothers you via the contact form, we will find a solution!

  8. Will my shirt be washed before shipping?Yes, of course!
  9. I don't like anything in your online shop.

    That's not a question. Just make a wish!

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