Yet I am sure that there is a greater anxiety, commonly, to have fashionable, or at least clean and unpatched clothes, than to have a sound conscience.

Henry D. Thoreau, over 160 years ago

Since way too long

we are more concerned with the way we look and what others think about it, then about a respectful relationship with other humans and nature. Today we can buy a t-shirt for less than 10€, although it traveled across the world to get into our hands. Shouldn't we wonder, what's shady about that?


or wasteable clothes are thoroughly shady and an absurdity of a consumerist society. Social exploitation and severe environmental degradation in the clothes' production, as well as their disposal, are well known but commonly ignored consequences of a life in abundance.


there's no point in accusations or moaning. We need useful alternatives. And although we need structural change, it is us who choose with our wallets, whether we want accept or challenge the conditions under which our clothes are produced. One of many such alternatives is rioots!

Who We are

Felix studies mathematical physics at the university of Hamburg, but is not as nerdy as he sounds like and Elle used to be a Hotel Specialist, but decided to study Environment and Development Studies in Norway instead.

However, rioots wouldn't be rioots without the help of our creative and amazing friends as designers and the fusion of music and fashion through our collaborations with Besser-Samstag and roots CARAVAN.

So much love for yaall!!

what we do

First we collect secondhand clothes from fleamarkets and secondhand shops or clothing donations which we happily take. Then we use screenprinting to give these shirts and sweaters a new look with designs made by our friends. If the clothes we got have small holes or stains, we fix them, tiedye themor use the fabric for other purposes. Check out the results of these upcycling efforts in our online shop :)

and why

Besides having fun, rioots has two main objectives:

  1. We want to offer clothes that are sustainable AND affordable

  2. We want to encourage for less and more conscious consumption

...wondering what we're up to when we're not printing on old shirts?

rioots-Team Ediths



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