Child labour, miserable wages and chemically polluted sewage are just a few examples of the effects conventional fashion production has on our environment.

Almost everyone has heard about the problems that arise because of our insatiable lust on more, new and preferably cheap clothes.

Unfortunately just knowledge alone doesn’t change anything. We all impact the way clothes are produced by voting with our wallets.

Fair trade fashion is one way to work towards a fairer textile industry, but as it is quite expensive not everyone can afford it.

To draw attention to “Second Hand Clothes” as a cheaper alternative, we are trying to make old, used clothes “wearable” again with the help of i.e. silkscreen printing, tiedying and other methods.

This so called “Upcycling” might not be the perfect solution against the unfair labor conditions in the world, as we are not directly approaching the textile industry, but we think it is still better to use all the clothes that we already have, instead of producing more and more stuff under the known conditions.

We are Elle and Felix, both friends of sustainability, nature and board sports, and would like to creatively act out all of these topics on our streetwear for you.

So, enjoy but think twice!

Yours rioots


We are

Felix (23), physics student at the University of Hamburg and Team-Rider for his own brand.


Elle (24), hotel specialist and a happy international development studies student.

Our Prints:

The very first motif that helped rioots to break through is Thomas Godau's Dreadhead. Rioots wants to be as chilled as that (Thomas and the Dreadhead): Not a profit-oriented company, but friends who print shirts and in that way address an important topic.

After that: the Peace- and Flowerpower logo, for which Elle is responsible. It kind of only exists because we wanted to put our brand's name as bold as possible on the front of our shirts, like almost all brands have it. You can also find it on all our shirts as a tiny neckprint.

Ashley Lamm sat down for us to draw the Flowerheart. Because we don't really agree with our how to interpret, we'd better leave that open to you.

Our Basicbanana print as well as the revised Dreadhead version are by Eric Landsiedler. It's just supernice, because superbasic and clean.

One of our latest print shows the front of our imaginary rioots store. Well visited, because first class secondhand. In contrast to this, the corresponding back side: a neglected sweatshop. Because fastfashion is not our future. The artist of this very expressive design is Helene Kamfjord, a study friend of Elle.

Lily Walliser, a good old friend from Sri Lanka, actually Berlin and now Amsterdam designed our brandnew Lil Wave print.

So, big thanks to all of you!



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